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Arts & Entertainment Magazines Tips

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Desire Magazine

A publication of Eros Books in Staten Island, Desire Magazine is dedicated to the postmodern writer and to the elite, sophisticated, literary reader. It features the latest postmodern writing trends and displays the best that Global and American Literature can offer. It proposes the emergence of a viable attitude to theory as a means of establishing a genuinely historical and materialist criticism. Eros offers a forum for experiments in open forms that interrogate the canon and lead to transformation and redescription. Eros accepts postmodern fiction, non-fiction artifacts, and translations.


Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

Founded in 1949, the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction is a leader in publishing the latest offerings by award-winning and up-and-coming authors, including Stephen King, Walter M. Miller, Ray Bradbury, Ben Bova, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Bisson, and many others. Issues include illustrations and cartoons, book and film reviews, articles on science, and humor.


Heavy Metal Magazine

The Heavy Metal Magazine is a state-of-the-art illustrated magazine featuring science fiction and fantasy narratives by today's top writers and artists. Intended only for adult readers, each issue sets out to prove that 'comic books' can be much more than a medium for children. In addition to stories, Heavy Metal also includes informative features on new music, film, art books, and other media.


Harper's Magazine

Offering quality fiction and nonfiction commentary on politics, literature, culture, and science, Harper's Magazine is an eclectic blend of essays, fiction and reporting that ranges from the liberal to the conservative. Each issue gives you the most stimulating writing by today's best observers and interpreters of what's happening in the world.


Movieline's Hollywood Life Magazine

Movieline's Hollywood Life Magazine has everything you want to know about your favorite stars, movies, directors, and Hollywood fashion and lifestyle. Insider information on upcoming releases, interviews with today's top actors and actresses, superb full-color photography, and rumors and gossip.


Cowboys & Indians Magazine

Cowboys & Indians Magazine covers the people and places of the American West. It contains a broad range of lifestyle topics, including personality profiles on artists, celebrities, dealmakers and trend setters; home interiors and design; travel and adventure; art in all its forms; Hollywood and Western film; high-end Western fashion and apparel; Southwestern cuisine and entertaining; books and music. The magazine carries in-depth reporting on a variety of issues from business to culture, as well as recreational issues like snow skiing and fly fishing. The magazine also carries extensive photographic essays on the American West from the country's finest photographers.


Funny Times Magazine

The Funny Times Magazine is a humor publication that collects the best cartoons and humor articles currently being published. Each issue includes over 100 cartoons from top cartoonists such as Matt Groening ('Life in Hell'), Tom Tomorrow ('The Modern World'), Bill Giffith ('Zippy the Pinhead'), Nicole Hollander ('Sylvia'), Lynda Barry ('Ernie Pook's Comeek'), Dan Piraro ('Bizarro'), and many more. Humor columnists include such well-known writers as Dave Barry, Daniel Pinkwater, Garrison Keillor, Rita Rudner, Charles Grodin, Ian Shoales, and Bailey White. The Funny Times also includes features such as 'News of the Weird,' 'Dr. Science,' and Jon Winokur's 'Curmudgeon.'


Access Unlimited Magazine

Another magazine in the arts and entertainment category is the Access Unlimited Magazine. Music, film, fashion, technology, games, sex, travel, sport, work - not only are these the components of a well-balanced life, they are also the key ingredients to a successful entertainment lifestyle magazine.


American Artist Magazine

Another Arts and Entertainment magazine choice is the American Artist Magazine. Whether you're an aspiring artist or just appreciate good artwork, you'll love American Artist Magazine. Each issue features both established and up-and-coming artists working in mediums that range from painting to sculpture. A special feature of the magazine is how it guides you, step by fully illustrated step, through each artist's work, from inspiration to the completed piece. Readers interested in becoming professional artists will be fascinated by the technique tips and inspired by stories of young artists who have made their mark in the art world. Issues also include information about art competitions.


Writer's Digest Magazine

Writer's Digest Magazine is my number 15 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Writer's Digest Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: The world's leading magazine for writers, Writer's Digest contains how-to's for writing and selling fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts, and other freelance material. New market listings are included in every issue, plus interviews with best-selling and award-winning authors.


In Touch Weekly Magazine

In Touch Weekly Magazine is the perfect weekly magazine devoted entirely to the world of celebrity for the on-the-go reader. It's packed with the latest celebrity gossip, stunning photos and fashion, plus articles that touch the heart.


Us Weekly Magazine

Us Weekly Magazine is my number 2 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Us Weekly Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Us Weekly is dedicated to giving readers in-depth looks at the musicians, actors, actresses, and other famous personalities of the entertainment industry. Filled with enlightening and revealing interviews and profiles of your favorite stars, each issue is enhanced with dazzling photography that brings you up close and personal to the lives of the people you love to watch!


The Writer Magazine

The Writer Magazine is my number 20 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether The Writer Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: The Writer is the magazine all about writing! It features how-to and inspirational articles focusing on the writing of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children's and young adult literature. Great for aspiring writers who want advice from the pros, the magazine has included articles by such notable contributors as Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Joyce Carol Oates, Sidney Sheldon, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and Madeleine L'Engle.


Right On! Magazine

The country's leading African-American youth entertainment magazine, Right On! covers the leading screen, television and recording stars - a virtual 'bible' of the Black entertainment industry!


Art In America Magazine

The Art In America Magazine is edited for art collectors, dealers, artists, art educators and students, art historians, museum curators, and others seriously interested in comprehensive reporting and commentary on major achievements and events throughout the art world. Included in each issue are show reviews, profiles of established and up-and-coming artists, schedules of upcoming shows and events, discussions on various genres, and news about helpful books and other resource literature.


Stereophile Ultimate AV Magazine

Stereophile Ultimate Av Magazine is my number 31 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Stereophile Ultimate Av Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Designed to give you all the information you need to design a quality sound and video system to fit your budget, or to improve the system you already own, Stereophile Ultimate AV covers the world of high-end home theater with in-depth product reviews, thorough coverage of new products, top-notch DVD reviews, and thought-provoking columns and features. Every month, in 'Shop Talk,' they look into what to look for when you shop for gear. In the new 'Ultimate Q&A' department they answer your most frequently asked questions, and in 'CrossCurrents' they look into how the computer revolution has expanded the world of audio, video, and home theater into new products and concepts. Stereophile Ultimate AV was previously titled Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater.


Pointe Magazine

Pointe Magazine is ballet at its best. Pointe informs the ballet insider on all of the major dance companies, new products and music, special health and nutrition tips for dancers (for example, 'Shoe Biz - A podiatrist's tips on common foot maladies'), plus tons more wisdom pertaining specifically to the ballet dancer, instructor, principal, composer, choreographer, critic, or observer.


Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Founded in 1956, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is the best-selling short story magazine in the nation. Each issue including a special summer July/August double issue--includes stories from the best mystery authors writing today. Stories range from short-shorts to works of 15,000 words or more and from classic mystery to modern, hardboiled tales. Also included in each issue is an outstanding 'Mystery Classic' selected from the best stories in the archives. Many of the mysteries featured--both from new and established authors--have won awards such as the Edgar, Shamus, and Robert L. Fish prize.


Dance Teacher Magazine

Dance Teacher Magazine, which has been published for more than 20 years, is the only countrywide magazine addressed to dance teachers of all disciplines.


The New Yorker Magazine

The New Yorker Magazine is my number 1 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether The New Yorker Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: The New Yorker is the eclectic magazine for readers interested in the arts, current events, and culture. The New Yorker includes articles on domestic and international news, exploring current ideas and trends, plus sports, fashion, and entertainment events. In addition, the magazine is well known for publishing outstanding short fiction and cartoons with an ironic twist.


Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

Including the best in science fiction short stories, poems, and novellas, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine is an award-winning magazine featuring some of the most notable writers in the genre. In addition to fiction, each issue also contains reviews of the latest sci-fi films and television shows, as well as book reviews, editorials, and science puzzles.


Analog Science Fiction & Fact Magazine

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine is one of the leading magazines in the field and contains some of the best science fiction stories published today by new and award-winning authors. It also includes nonfiction articles that comment on the latest developments in scientific technology. Analog is written and edited for those who crave intellectual stimulation about the possibilities scientific advances might bring us in the future by analyzing scientific fact and, through fiction, speculating about the world to come.


Stage Directions Magazine

Stage Directions Magazine is my number 51 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Stage Directions Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: The industry-leading publication for stage performers, workers, producers, directors, and fans. Stage Directions affords indepth articles on lighting, renovations, industry news, training, costuming, art direction, sound, sets & scenery, and publishers. Whether you are a Broadway professional, an amateur stage manager at a local theater, or an avid theater-goer, this magazine is for you.


Cinescape Magazine

Science fiction and fantasy fans need look no further than the Cinescape Magazine for the latest news and reviews of their favorite movies, television shows, videos, CD-ROMS, and books. Cinescape will keep you in the know about forthcoming projects; plus it includes interviews with actors and industry leaders that will take you behind the scenes of you favorite sci-fi and fantasy worlds.


Issue Magazine

Issue Magazine contains photo essays on art, music, fashion, photography, film, and architecture. Its goal is to inspire people interested in the arts and sciences by presenting them with innovative works by cutting-edge artists. It serves as a complement to mainstream magazines by providing content not typically covered by other publications because of its lack of commercial value. Issue also includes a CD-ROM that contains music, film clips, or multimedia art projects by the featured artist.


Saturday Evening Post Magazine

For generations, Saturday Evening Post Magazine has provided its readers a panorama of contemporary America. A publication of the non-profit Benjamin Franklin Literary & Medical Society, the Post continues to maintain its proud tradition as America's favorite coffee-table magazine. It entertains, amuses and enlightens, while providing the latest news in preventive medicine and personal health. You'll get the best in articles covering book, theater, and film reviews, the arts, dance, and music.


Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

For the fan of mystery, crime, suspense, and detection stories, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine is a must purchase. Each issue features writing from the best authors in the field, as well as articles, puzzles, and reviews of books, plays, film, TV, and radio programs.


Mad Magazine

The Mad Magazine: Absurdity, nonsense, foolishness, senselessness, flippancy, preposterousness and improbability reign supreme in this monthly compendium of political and social satire - and toilet humor. Alfred E. Neuman himself would be proud of you for keeping to your childish roots and subscribing to Mad Magazine.


ARTnews Magazine

Covering the international world of art, ARTNews Magazine was founded in 1902 and enjoys the biggest circulation of any fine art magazine currently published. It offers a thorough examination of the people, art, and events that interest collectors, dealers, artists, and museum directors most. In addition to art critiques and interviews, ArtNews includes travel news, gallery and museum exhibition reviews, and advice on art investment.


Wizard Magazine

Wizard Magazine is my number 18 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Wizard Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Wizard is a wacky entertainment magazine for enthusiasts of comics and related media, such as movies, TV, animation, toys, cards, etc. It provides polybagged freebies, info on super-rare collectibles, breaking news, entertaining features, and the only price guide for comics in use today. Wizard is essential reading for anyone who enjoys comics.


Utne Magazine

Utne Magazine is my number 12 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Utne Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Reprinting articles from mainstream, independent, and alternative publications, the Utne Magazine is an eclectic blend of original and iconoclastic opinions and commentaries on today's important and emerging issues. Covering politics, culture, science, education, and economics, the writers and editors of Utne also contribute original articles to encourage independent thinking in their readership.


Smart TV & Sound Magazine

Smart TV & Sound Magazine is a magazine that Smart TV & Sound has all the latest news and info on the integration of TVs and audio devised with computers and the Internet. Each issue is filled with the latest information about personal video recorders, MP3 music recorders and players, satellite systems, Internet radio devices, interactive TV programs and DVDs, interactive cable TV systems, audio/video networking devices, and enhanced music CDs.


Southwest Art Magazine

Southwest Art Magazine is a must for the art collector - both beginning and experienced, Southwest Art features the work of the West's most accomplished artists. Each issue highlights up-and-coming artists and emerging art trends. You'll find all the glory, all the color, and all the majesty of the American West in a superb publication that you will read and display with pride.


Futurific Magazine

For over 20 years, Futurific Magazine has been in the business of reporting, analyzing, and predicting upcoming developments in the sciences, technology, industry, economics, entertainment, and politics. Studying current events on a global basis, the magazine has a reputation for accurately predicting where current trends are taking us and how they may offer solutions to today's problems.


Electronic House Magazine

Featuring both extravagant and affordable smart homes that can be controlled with one touch, Electronic House Magazine covers electronic systems that offer homeowners more security, entertainment, convenience, and fun. Written for the consumer who enjoys technology (but isn't necessarily an engineer), Electronic House includes articles on whole house control and subsystems like residential lighting, security, home theater, energy management, and telecommunications. Plus it examines the emerging technologies in home control and advises home buyers and builders on future-proofing a new home or enhancing an existing one.


Expression Magazine

Expression is a new magazine that celebrates the creative arts. Each issue is teeming with exciting projects that cover a broad range of art methods and media. Whether you're a novice or professional artist, Expression will inspire you to connect with your artistic spirit.


TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine is my number 3 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether TV Guide Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: TV Guide is America's number one magazine on television! Issues include complete program listings, movie reviews, gossip and interviews with Hollywood personalities, soap opera and sports updates, a crossword puzzle and horoscope, personality close-ups, and a guide to local pay-TV movies.


Town & Country Magazine

Town & Country Magazine is my number 9 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Town & Country Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: First published in 1846, Town & Country is the oldest general-interest magazine in the country to still be in publication. Written and edited with affluent readers in mind, this magazine explores the world of sophisticated living. You'll find articles on art, fashion, decorating, travel, architecture, beauty, finance, and health, often highlighted with profiles and interviews with influential personalities. Owned by the Hearst syndicate, Town & Country also champions philanthropic causes and discusses public service issues.


American Photo Magazine

The premier magazine for serious photographers is the American Photo Magazine. For amateurs and professionals, American Photo covers all areas of the field, from model photography to the best in photojournalism. Filled with stunning photos by the best in the business, American Photo is published bi-monthly and includes technical articles, book reviews, equipment surveys, features on ideal locations full of photographic potential, and news of the latest trends.


Supermodels Unlimited Magazine

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine is my number 32 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Supermodels Unlimited Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Supermodels Unlimited is your complete source for pageants, modeling, fashion, talent, and beauty - including exciting information on US and international pageants, fashion pictorials, informative articles written by a well-known team of experts, information on how to break into modeling, and coverage of pageants, modeling, and talent events.


Videomaker Magazine

Videomaker Magazine is my number 24 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Videomaker Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Computer Videomaker is a magazine that covers the use of camcorders, digital video editing, and desktop video and audio production for novice and expert enthusiasts alike. Its articles survey and review the latest equipment, teach production techniues, and explain the newest technological advances.


Home Theater Magazine

The Home Theater Magazine is your complete magazine for your home audio and video needs. The goal of the magazine is to keep its readers informed of the latest technological improvements so that they can keep their systems up to date and looking and sounding good! Each issue includes reviews of video and audio equipment, as well as the videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and laserdiscs that they play, plus articles on assembling the best systems that meet your needs and budget and that are easily upgradable.


Soap Opera Digest Magazine

Soap Opera Digest Magazine is a special interest publication edited for daytime and prime time soap operas. Issues feature on-camera happenings, late-breaking news, soap synopses and exclusive interviews that reveal in-depth profiles of the stars' views on marriage, parenting, beauty, fashions, food and more.


Reader's Digest Magazine

Reader's Digest Magazine is one of the most popular general interest magazines in publication today. What each issue does is survey topics that are of prominent interest in contemporary American life--such as medicine, education, politics, family life, and entertainment--and publishes features that are excerpted or condensed from other books or magazines. Reader's Digest also publishes condensed or excerpted works of fiction, plus humor columns, jokes, and cartoons are regular additions. A fun read for the whole family!


Decorative Artist's Workbook Magazine

Decorative Artist's Workbook Magazine is the leading how-to magazine for decorative painters of every skill level. Each issue delivers detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations for 10 to 15 fun-to-paint designs in a variety of media and subject areas.


Premiere Magazine

Although Premiere Magazine includes many articles on the hottest stars in film, the main focus of this magazine is to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at just how movies are made. You'll get articles covering everything from how a movie is conceived and accepted by a studio to how it is financed, cast, filmed, distributed, and promoted. Filled with interesting interviews and stories from the directors, producers, technicians, and businesspeople who create American film.


Stereophile Magazine

Stereophile Magazine is my number 27 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether Stereophile Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: For audiophiles who are serious about their sound systems, Stereophile is a must purchase. Founded in 1962, it is the oldest and most respected publication dedicated to reviewing audio components and the music that comes out of them. Each issue will give you equipment reports, industry news, music reviews, and much more.


Opera News Magazine

Beautifully illustrated and intelligently written, Opera News Magazine features profiles of bold new directors and designers; fresh new productions; young new singers; articles and interviews; performance reports from around the world; and reviews of CD's, books, and videos. Includes a special travel issue, American festival issue, and complete broadcast coverage.


The Atlantic Monthly Magazine

The Atlantic Monthly Magazine is my number 6 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether The Atlantic Monthly Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: For anyone who wants to keep up with contemporary events, issues, and culture, the Atlantic Monthly is a premier source. Having won more National Magazine Awards than any other publication, the Atlantic is literate, entertaining, and informative. You'll read news on current events, politics, economics, and important personalities, as well as getting articles on travel, food, and book reviews. Finally, the magazine also includes quality contemporary fiction, poetry, and humor.


Columbia Journalism Review Magazine

Columbia Journalism Review Magazine is a valuable resource for journalists everywhere, this publication offers writing advice, career news, and analyses of newspaper, TV, and radio media from small towns to national news services and communication conglomerates. You'll also read articles about ethics in journalism, workplace environments, grammar tips, and opinion polls from fellow writers and editors. Published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Painting Magazine

Painting Magazine is the only decorative painting magazine that offers designs for basic, intermediate, and advanced painters. Painting offers a wide variety of surfaces, subjects and techniques, and media. Projects include clear step-by-step instructions, large color photographs, traceable patterns, and complete supply lists. Plus educational articles, tips for success and much more!


Aperture Magazine

Since 1952, Aperture magazine has been showcasing the finest in creative photography from acclaimed masters to new talent. And every issue is made to last - with the highest quality printing and reproduction, the best paper, and a refreshing attention to detail in typography and design.


Arts & Entertainment Magazines

Arts & Entertainment magazines are favorites among our customers for their reviews, information, photography and great articles. The most popular is The New Yorker with its great discount price, weekly distriubution, famous writers and infamous cartoons. But other great titles include Us Weekly and TV Guide that will help you stay on top of all your favorite celebrities and television listings. Another entertainment option are the performance arts magazines like Opera News, Pointe and Dance Spirit. Also popular are Premiere Magazine's movie reviews and Reader's Digest Magazine's inspirational stories.


Dance Spirit Magazine

The Dance Spirit Magazine is a very popular magazine in the Arts and Entertainment category. Dance Spirit magazine is read by more young dancers and their teachers than any other dance publication.


Flaunt Magazine

The Flaunt magazine appeals to the youthfulness in all of us. It's a sophisticated interactive book, using advanced printing techniques, fold-out articles, beautiful papers, and inserts to create a magazine that surprises readers. With each issue, the creative team gets to play with unusual page sizes, unique papers, small booklets, top photography and writing, so that our readers can, in turn, play while they read. Flaunt is a magazine that is one of the most talked-about and trendsetting today. They offer superb coverage of the arts, fashion, architecture, design and music. Shot by the world's top established and upcoming photographers, production quality is the highest priority. They strive to set new standards for both style and content.


Juxtapoz Magazine

Explore the creative edges of the art world with Juxtapoz Magazine, the magazine that showcases the work of underground artists. Each issue includes features on painters, sculptors, graphic artists, comic book artists, and photographers who are changing today's world of art and fashion. Aimed at an audience ranging from teenagers to adults unafraid of the outre, Juxtapoz also has interviews with the artists and plenty of photos from galleries, exhibits, and rare portfolios and sketches.


Sound & Vision, Stereo Review's Magazine

The result of a merger between Stereo Review and Video, Stereo Review's Sound & Vision addresses the interests of audio and home-theater enthusiasts alike. The magazine tests new technologies and explains how to buy and use equipment.


The Artist's Mag Magazine

The Artist's Mag Magazine is my number 17 ranked magazine in my Arts & Entertainment magazine category. To help you figure out whether The Artist's Mag Magazine is the magazine you are looking for, here is how I describe it on my magazine subscription website: Artist's Magazine is the leading how-to publication for amateur artists. Each issue includes step-by-step instruction in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil and pen & ink, as well as reports on materials and techniques, exhibiting and selling artwork, framing, and more.


Moviemaker Magazine

Moviemaker Magazine is all about the art and business of making films. Each magazine provides aspiring moviemakers in-depth looks into the industry, including interviews with famous directors, writers, actors, and producers, fascinating articles on production techniques and equipment, and advice on such topics as how to break into the business, legal matters, and financing your projects. MovieMaker is both a practical and an inspirational guide to anyone just starting out in the movie business.

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