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Animals & Pets Magazines Tips

Read these 20 Animals & Pets Magazines Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser. Each tip is approved by our Editors and created by expert writers so great we call them Gurus. LifeTips is the place to go when you need to know about Magazine tips and hundreds of other topics.

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Young Rider Magazine

The Young Rider Magazine is packed with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Kids enjoy learning about horse health, grooming tips, interesting breeds and famous horses, show-ring secrets, and how to improve their riding skills. Plus, there are celebrity rider interviews and four or more colorful posters to collect in each issue.


Wildlife Conservation Magazine

The Wildlife Conservation Magazine is the award-winning national publication of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Taking readers to remote corners of the globe with exciting full-color photographs and firsthand articles from well-known authors and field scientists, each issue takes you on travels with intrepid zoologists as they discover new animal species in the wilds of Myanmar, tracking tigers in India, or protecting habitat for jaguars in the deserts of Arizona.


Bird Talk Magazine

Bird Talk Magazine is placed sixth in rank of various animal and pet magazine categories. Everything you need to know to help keep your pet bird healthy and active you will find in Bird Talk Magazine. The magazine contains important information on bird healthcare and nutrition, step-by-step training, grooming how-to's, and caging tips. Readers also enjoy colorful photos, entertaining stories, and a centefold poster in each monthly issue.


Practical Horseman Magazine

In the Practical Horseman Magazine, English-style riders will find information on breeding, training and conditioning horses for hunting, jumping, dressage or combined training. Practical Horseman is a must-have for the serious horse enthusiast.


Dog World Magazine

Everything you need to know for the recreational and high-performance canine athlete and working dog you can find in Dog World Magazine. You'll receive valuable information about responsible care for purebred and mixed-breed dogs. Each issue inspires, informs, entertains, and serves as a reader forum to share opinions, useful tips, and personal stories.


Western Horseman Magazine

Western Horseman Magazine is one of the oldest horse magazines in publication today. While the focus is on the stock horse and Western riding, the editors include articles on other breeds, as well as some information on English riding. You'll get articles about ranching, riding gear, training and keeping your horse healthy, and special interest stories about the Western lifestyle and horseriding.


Wild Animal Baby Magazine

Kids will love the Wild Animal Baby Magazine. This is a terrific magazine that will teach children about many different remarkable baby animals.


Urban Dog Magazine

Celebrate the magic of the canine spirit and get in touch with your inner dog with the Urban Dog Magazine. Urban Dog Magazine is filled with colorful stories, articles, thoughts, and observations about the canine condition and the lives they share with their humans.


Aquarium Fish Magazine

Aquarium Fish Magazine is ranked seventh among various animal and pet magazine categories. This magazine contains successful fishkeeping advice for both novice and experienced aquarium hobbyists! Get information from experts on how to select, care for, and breed freshwater and marine fish. Readers also find out about the best products and techniques for maintaining beautiful aquariums and pond habitats.


Ferrets Magazine

Ferrets Magazine contains all the information you need to help keep your pet fuzzy, happy, and healthy. Six times a year you get expert healthcare and nutrition advice, training tips, and the latest news about special products. Plus, readers enjoy entertaining stories, colorful photos, and share their love and enjoyment of their pets with each other.


The Blood Horse Magazine

Published by the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, the Blood Horse Magazine is a magazine that covers all things equine. It is a valuable resource for articles on grooming, health care, breeding, buying, and selling horses. Plus you'll get exciting articles on racing events, including schedules, as well as feature articles on horse owners, breeders, managers, trainers, and jockeys.


Horse Illustrated Magazine

Your complete source to help you better care for and enjoy your horse would be the Horse Illustrated Magazine. Get important information about healthcare, nutrition and behavior, tips on grooming and training, and in-depth profiles of different breeds. Readers also enjoy the colorful centerfold poster and get expert advice on how to improve their riding skills.


National Wildlife Magazine

Published by the National Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Magazine is specifically designed to inspire individuals and organizations to conserve and protect wildlife and the environment. Issues include lengthy features on various animal species, including interesting facts, research news, and conservation status, as well as updates on government environmental regulations and efforts of the NWF, its chapters and affiliates' efforts to protect nature in the United States.


Horse & Rider Magazine

Horse & Rider Magazine is for horse owners, breeders, and trainers. Each issue provides helpful information on nutrition, grooming, and health, as well as facts about tack and riding aids. In addition, you'll read articles by skilled professionals on improving your riding technique, with a focus on Western-style horseback riding.


Zoobooks Magazine

Zoobooks Magazine is one of the top ranked children's magazine in the animal and pet magazine categories. Kids love to get their own mail - especially when their mail could contain anything from a wild-eyed tiger to a cuddly koala. Each and every month, watch your budding animal-lover turn away from the television and eagerly curl up on the couch to make new discoveries about another exciting animal. Be prepared for a lot of 'Mom, Dad - did you know...?' Each issue spotlights a different animal, brilliantly photographed, simply written, advertising-free! Interactive games in each issue make learning stick. Endless subjects for school reports for all grades, all ages.


Animals & Pets Magazines

There is an animal magazine for almost every kind of animal lover. One of the most popular ranked animal magazines is Zoobooks with its great discount price and strong popularity with kids and their parents. Other great titles include Dog Fancy (check out the hot centerfolds) and Cat Fancy for their thorough coverage of America's favorite pets. We also carry magazines for horse fans, reptile owners, ferret lovers and, our most recent addition, Urban Dog Magazine, dedicated to the urban dog owner! There are great wildlife and conservation magazines available, too.


Dog Fancy Magazine

Dog Fancy Magazine is your complete guide to help you better understand, care for, and enjoy your dog. Every issue includes top canine healthcare information, grooming tips, expert training techniques, and in-depth breed profiles. Celebrate the bond between you and your dog with entertaining stories and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue.


Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat Fancy Magazine is your complete guide to help you better understand, care for, and enjoy your cat. Get important healthcare advice, nutrition tips, in-depth breed profiles, and insights into your cat's behavior. Plus, share the learning experiences and special stories of cat lovers just like you and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue.


Reptiles Magazine

The Reptiles Magazine is your all-in-one guide to the successful care and keeping of reptiles and amphibians. Every month you get important healthcare and nutrition information from expert herpetologists, advice on providing a safe environment, in-depth species profiles, news about the latest products and services, and fascinating, full-color photos.


Wildbird Magazine

You can find fascinating information about birds and birding from your own backyard to touring hotspots in the field with the Wildbird Magazine. In addition to species profiles, award-winning photos, birders' guides, and expert photography tips, you get facts on landscaping and feeders that attract specific birds and gear that make touring easier and more fun.

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