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African American Magazines Tips

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Black Enterprise Magazine

Black Enterprise Magazine is ranked fourth in popularity among various African American magazine categories. It is the premier business success publication for African American entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, and decision makers. You'll get features about the national and world issues that most affect you, success guides for small and emerging businesses, advice for ambitious entrepreneurs, tools and tactics for corporate executives and professionals, and help with how to best invest your hard-earned money.


Essence Magazine

Another first rank African American Magazine is the Essence Magazine. Essence is the magazine for today's African American woman. Dedicated to helping its readers attain their maximum potential in various lifestyles and roles, Essence delivers the latest information on career and educational opportunities, fashion and beauty, investing and money management, health and fitness, parenting, home decorating, and food and travel, as well as cultural reviews.


Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine has been the nation's number one magazine for African Americans for fifty years! With an emphasis on stories about black progress and achievement throughout the world, Ebony brings you inspiring articles on health, education, careers, politics, religion, sports, entertainment, fashion, and food. Ebony offers family-oriented, high-quality photo editorials that have made it the leading publication in its field.


Today's Black Woman Magazine

Ranked sixth among the various African American Magazine categories is the Today's Black Woman Magazine. Today's Black Woman is a provocative lifestyle magazine aimed at African-American women aged 18 - 49. Its core focus is on love, sex, and relationship issues. Today's Black Woman also provides info on careers, money, health issues, fashion, style, and celebrity profiles.


African American Magazines

There are quite a few great magazines to choose from in the African American magazine category. Depending on your preferences, you may want to try the most popular, or you may want to try a magazine with greater topical relavance. The most popular is Essence Magazine with its great discount price. But other great titles include Ebony and Jet, known for their longstanding coverage of the issues that are important to African American families. If you are looking for information about investing, health, parenting, business, music or other topics with an African American perspective, check out the various magazine subscriptions offered online.


Jet Magazine

Jet Magazine is ranked third amongst the various African American magzine categories. Published since 1951, Jet is the news and editorial magazine designed for the black community. Each issue deals with a wide variety of subjects of interest to African Americans, including news, sports, fashion, medicine, the law, education, black history, entertainment, business, society, religion, and African affairs.


Upscale Magazine

Upscale Magazine is fifth in rank in the African American magazine categories. Upscale is the magazine for ambitious African Americans who want to succeed in business and in life. The magazine includes articles on business, politics, fashion, health, travel, and home life, from the perspective of the black community. Also included are inspirational features on successful and famous African Americans.

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